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Write2Advance provides personal and professional communications solutions for individuals and small businesses. From social media management and public relations to peer mentoring and creative advising, Write2Advance are experts at putting your vision into words.

Write2Advance is the brainchild of Michelle Argento and Brendan Diamond, a husband and wife team that has dedicated their professional lives to communications. With more than 17 years combined experience, their expertise lies primarily in web communications, particularly social media, blogging, and digital design; they are also experienced in writing, editing, web strategies, and mentoring.

At Write2Advance, you get 2 for 1!

Michelle is an experienced university admissions professional as well as the founder of the popular personal finance blog Fit is the New Poor. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Social media management
  • Blog mentoring and content creation
  • Resume creation and/or editing
  • College and high school entrance essays and application assistance
  • One-on-one online college counseling

Brendan has worked in marketing and communications for more than a decade. He can assist in many areas, including:

  • General writing/editing/proofing
  • Digital design
  • Press release writing and creation
  • Introductory letters and statements
  • Downloadable resume, cover letter, and stationary templates

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